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What is an Appraisal?

An appraisal is an objective estimate of what a buyer might expect to pay – or a seller receive – for a parcel of real estate, where both buyer an seller are informed parties. A licensed, certified appraiser will provide the most accurate estimate of the true value of their property, thus ensuring both buyer and seller are making an informed decision.
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Why do I need an Appraisal?

There are many reasons to call an appraiser. If you're selling a house, you need to know its true value to set your asking price. If you're buying, you need to know if you may be paying too much.

Appraisals are helpful in settling the division of property for a house during a divorce or settling an estate of someone who is deceased. All of these situations require important choices and it's best to make informed decisions based on the accurate and objective assessment from a certified appraiser.
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